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3D Bubble Writer: A Crazy Craft Book

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Linda Scott

You've already learnt How To Become The Best Bubble Writer In The World Evernow do it in 3D!In this great new addition to the Bubble Writer series, learn how to draw loads of great new bubble alphabetsand then learn how to take them off the page! Make your letters pop off the page with perspective, create real 3 D letters of all shapes and sizes, try out stand up letters, hanging letters, letters you can wear and many, many more! The book also comes with four brilliant sheets of press out coloured card to help you achieve two truly 3 D bubble writing creations. Linda Scott is a successful London based illustrator and printed textile designer. She has produced work for some of the worlds leading retailers, independent labels and designer boutiques. Her creative work has also featured in museum exhibitions, art shows and international publications. Her books How to be the Best Bubble Writer in the World Ever! and My Monster Bubble Writer Book are published by Laurence King.

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Crazy 3D

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